MetAccess Release notes

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.27 – Sep 2021

  1. MetAccess can now open the newer SILO files
  2. Open files dialog is better presented.
  3. Update the index files for 2020 GrazPlan weather.
  4. Fixed some memory leaks.
  5. Allow use of met archive files with a .zip extension.
  6. Improvements to the installer.

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.23 – Sept 2011

  1. Able to read SILO files that have modified latitude and longitude fields.

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.22 – Apr 2011

  1. Fixed problem when running MetAccess within Windows 7 that was causing Windows to blue screen.
  2. The Open file dialog is now resizeable.
  3. Some speed improvements when opening and closing MetAccess.
  4. Handles invalid SILO files found in a directory much better when using the Open file dialog.
  5. Weather index files for 2010 weather.
  6. Fixed drag and drop of met files. It only opens the files you dropped and not 64k of them.
  7. Other small bug fixes.

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.21 – Apr 2009

  1. Added a popup menu option to stations list in the unpack dialog to copy the station list into the clipboard
  2. Other small bug fixes.


Changes to MetAccess for version 1.20 – Aug 2008


  1. Can open SILO patch point or data drill files (FAO56 format).
  2. More bug fixes.

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.15 – Oct 2007

  1. Chart series can now be changed to and from bar, line, and point types by right clicking on the legend
  2. ‘Running means’ series values now show on the last date of the period .
  3. Some improvements to the time (x) axis labels.
  4. The grid shown on charts now is lighter gray.
  5. Some more bug fixes.

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.14 – July 2007

  1. Values from more than one weather station can be shown on a single graph by dragging a series from a graph legend onto another graph. See the help file – Combining Graphs for details.
  2. Many bug fixes.
  3. Help file revision.

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.12 – May 2006

  1. Minor user interface changes.
  2. Toolbar buttons enabled/disabled at the correct times.

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.11 – Feb 2006

  1. Fixed some major memory leaks.
  2. Fixed copy and paste bug in the edit weather data dialog.

Changes to MetAccess for version 1.1 – July 2005

  1. MetAccess is now a 32bit application specifically suited for Windows 2000 and XP.
  2. Uses a new graphing component for better graphs with more flexibility.
  3. There are no limits to the amount of data that can be graphed, tabulated or copied to the clipboard.
  4. Multiple elements can be graphed on the same graph using the Tabulate dialog.
  5. The Select Weather Files dialog during unpacking process is now resizeable so you can see more columns at once.
  6. After unpacking a weather file from the archive, a message dialog asks if you would like to open it immediately.
  7. The background image and gradients on the main form work properly.
  8. The dragging of buttons to customise the toolbar works more smoothly.
  9. MetAccess runs much faster when doing calculations and producing output.
  10. Help file uses new help system.
  11. Many other small bug fixes from version 1.05 .