GrassGro Models


GrassGro is composed of a number of sub models. The illustration below shows briefly how they interact.



 More details about the sub models

Water Balance Model

Pasture Model

  • Multi-species model
  • Daily time step
  • Uniform field area
  • Biomass-based

Processes modelled

  • Phenology
  • Resource acquisition
  • Net primary productivity
  • Allocation of assimilate
  • Change in DMD
  • Death & litter fall
  • Seeds & seedlings


Ruminant Model

  • Based on Australian feeding standard – Dr Mike Freer
  • Intake
      • Potential intake
      • relative intake
  • Energy and protein use
  • Mortality


Management & Economics Models

  • Five livestock enterprises
  • Profit drivers
    • Stocking rate and replacement policy
    • Reproductive management
    • Supplementary feeding
    • Soil fertility
    • Shearing
  • Gross margin calculations
    • Long-term average and year-to-year variability

For a description of the animal model in GrassGro see the GrazFeed-models page on this website.