GrazFeed screen shots

GrazFeed is an easy-to-use computer program that provides a simple way to calculate the energy and protein requirements of sheep and cattle grazing a particular pasture.


Pasture inputs

Users describe the pasture available to the animals in terms of the weight and digestibility of the green and dead herbage. Graziers can readily acquire the skills of pasture and animal assessment through a regional PROGRAZE course.




If supplementary feeding is necessary, the user must also describe the supplements that may be offered to the animals. These can be easily made up by selecting from a wide range of feeds, the composition of which can be adjusted by the user.



The user also supplies information regarding the breed, condition and reproductive state of their animals.



GrazFeed generates tables of results which summarise the feed intakes, animal production and feed costs. The table shown here shows how dietary energy and protein are being used for animal production.


Rapid testing of feeding conditions

The user can plot the response of animals to a wide range of feeding conditions. Here we see how the expected weight gain responds to changes in the amount of available green herbage.


Stocking rate

GrazFeed provides a stocking rate calculator, here shown providing an estimate of the stocking rate that will, in the short term, allow the pasture to be maintained at its current level.


Least-cost ration formulation

Starting with version 5, GrazFeed can predict the least expensive mixture of supplement ingredients needed to achieve a specified target weight gain.