AusFarm Release notes

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Version 1.5.1, Oct 2019


  1. The weather component can now read the new format SILO files. It also has more flexibility to incorporate more changed formats.
  2. Fixed the model tab for the APSIM models.

Version 1.5.0, Sep 2018


  1. Fixed the TextOut component. Year intervals were causing the columns not to be sorted.
  2. Simulation files are saved with component paths shortened so that they are resolved from the model palette.
  3. Allows use of newer APSIM SILO format weather data files that have changes to date and code column formats.


  1. Added a ‘usetag’ parameter to the Stock component Buy event.
  2. Added a Deaths property to the the Stock component to make it easy to track actual deaths of non suckling animals.
  3. Improved the configuration of the APSIM translator components by adding an option in the model tree popup menu. Many of the translator options can now be set automatically.
  4. Cashbook component constants now have a description field.


Version 1.4.14, Jun 2016


  1. Renaming paddocks in the model tree is much easier when they have an integer in their name. The changes cascade through the paddock names.


  1. The Stock component now calculates the conception rates correctly. The numbers of young for single and twins will now be higher.
  2. Fixed a bug in the date controls for the Charting window for simulation results. The date ranges can now be adjusted as needed.
  3. APSIM soil parameter changes – (nit_n2o_frac) Fraction of nitrified nitrogen lost as n2o now 0.002, (dnit_rate_coeff) denitrification rate coefficient (kg soil/mg C per day) now 0.001379
  4. Fixed  divide by zero error in animal model. The intake proportions are now calculated properly in the sub time steps.
  5. Pasture component; Gaseous loss of N to the atmosphere restricted to cases where NPP is negative or zero (i.e. growing plants retain excess N for future recycling). Noticable effects with legumes and following crops.

Version 1.4.13, Nov 2015

  1. Added a Reformatting option to the Manager script editor.
  2. Output selection for the TextOut component can now be done from the Variables tree by right clicking a variable. Also by dragging variables from the tree used for the variable selection by the database Output component.
  3. Cultivar names for APSIM crop components can be listed by right clicking on the component icon in the model toolbar.
  4. New functions for Manager scripts: pos(), datewithin(). Also new way to initialise arrays efficiently.
  5. APSoils pasted into a paddock now copy all the crop soil parameters. Calculates values for crops that are missing in the soil description.
  6. Base components in the factor tree can now be edited.


  1. The Pasture component accesses green_dm correctly now from sibling components.
  2. More performance improvements. Significant when using large Manager scripts.
  3. The initialisation grid for APSIM components now uses the whole width of the panel to show the inital settings.
  4. The Stock component buy event now allows purchasing of animals with the correct number of foetuses.
  5. Fixed bug which led to cross-bred young incorrectly using parameters of their female parent’s breed.
  6. GrassGro soils are now configured with the correct layers when importing a GrassGro Farm system.
  7. When editing initialisation values in the factor tree, the values would not always be saved if the editor was still in edit mode when selecting another component in the tree.

Version 1.4.12, Jun 2015

  1. Uses APSIM 7.7 components.
  2. Generic component dialog is improved.
  3. Added a resize() function to the Manager scripting language for resizing array lengths during run time.
  4. Manager components in the model tree have hints that show their sequence order.
  5. Tooltips for the APSIM models in the model palette now show the xml parameter file path if extended tooltips are being used.


  1. Fixed  the problem when opening or importing simulations that have APSIM components with initialsation sections that included all the constants. The uptake_source value was being lost and causing the simulation to give unexpected wayward results.
  2. The .out file with the APSIM component summary from the simulation run is now created reliably on Window 7+. It required a hidden console to be created.

Version 1.4.11, May 2015

  1. Added a ‘finish’ time specifier to the Manager script to allow for an ‘on finish’ code block.
  2. Soils copied from APSoil can be pasted into a paddock in the model tree or the Analysis factor tree. New soilwat, soiln and surfaceom components are added or if they exist they are initialised.
  3. Simulation files can be opened by dragging them from Windows Explorer onto the main AusFarm window.
  4. Allow the application to use more than 2GB of memory.
  5. APSIM Manager2 now has some basic support for use in AusFarm.
  6. AusFarm can now use a models.xml file in the executable directory for alternative model installations.
  7. The Weather component can now handle SILO files with mixed line lengths. Read performance has also improved.
  8. Plant components that are not sequenced correctly now have a ! icon.
  9. Units column shows in Output component variable selection tree.
  10. TextOut now allows the user to include units for variables that may not have them such as variables from Manager components.


  1. The TextOut component now attempts to create the directory for it’s output file if is is missing.
  2. When a report is attempted to be displayed and the database file is missing, there are less error message boxes shown.
  3. Pasture component: Changed logic for onset of winter dormancy (new parameters added). Senescence no longer happens in perennials entering winter dormancy. Empty pasture populations stay at the start of the phenological cycle.
  4. More speed improvements. Simulation files open more quickly.
  5. Corrected a bug introduced in the last version where aborting a simulation with the stop button would cause AusFarm to not terminate correctly and leave file handles open.
  6. Deleting a component from the simulation will correctly remove any factor value dependencies.
  7. The differencing tool would not open up correctly when running on Windoows XP.
  8. The error on the init grid for APSIM components in the Analysis factors saying that it could not focus on a disabled control has been fixed.
  9. Init value editors show correctly now when using APSIM components in the factor trees.
  10. The Output component variables tree now loads much quicker.
  11. Some improvements in terminating the simulation where APSIM components can take some time to clear up memory.
  12. Added ozcot to the default sequencing to allow use of component in the model palette.
  13. At the end of s simulation run, copying the .out file errors now don’t abort any further treatmenets in an Analysis run.
  14. Fixed a small bug in the random number generating class that may alter some outputs when using the Stock component.
  15. The Stock component now checks the paddock areas and slope each day to allow for manager scripts resizing paddocks.
  16. When opening simulations in AusFarm parameter file paths for Pasture, Translator and Stock are checked and fixed if possible.
  17. Simulation export works again. Exporting to SDML allows copying of binaries for a simulation run. Component paths are made relative (shortened).


Version 1.4.10, Oct 2014

  1. Added a multipaddock, irrigation and mixed farming simulation examples.
  2. Includes APSIM 7.6 release version models.
  3. Manager components in the model tree that have logging selected appear as bold text.
  4. APSIM components init properties will now be edited by default in a grid view which avoids the previous problem of corrupting XML.
  5. Comparisons between components in the model tree are now available from the popup menu once a differencing application has been configured in the options. This is also available in the Analysis Factor tree.
  6. The Manager scripts can now have multi-line comments and in-line comments using the C-style syntax of  /* */ .
  7. Added date string owned properties (dd_mm_yyyy, yyyy_mm_dd) to the time server component.
  8. Better error reports from the Manager which include line numbers.
  9. The Pasture and Paddock components now have a ‘cut’ event that can send cut forage directly to a supplement component fodder store.
  10. The Manager component can now handle expressions for variable initialisaton in a definition statement.
  11. The Manager log files now include script line numbers for each entry.


  1. Errors detected when a pasture parameter file cannot be found are now displayed correctly and AusFarm does not crash.
  2. Stopped the crash when a component dll is missing and AusFarm asks you if you want to remove it from the palette.
  3. Better choices when pasting a component over another in the model tree.
  4. Saving of Manager components when they are factor values works properly now.
  5. Fixed Pasture component so that root depth of an existing population is correctly preserved at the end of reproductive growth in perennials.
  6. Copy and pasting of reports between simulations now works. Also between simulations and the Repository.
  7. Selecting property array members in the report designer now means the array will be selected correctly in the Output component.
  8. APSIM components now log the fully qualified name for components in the .out summary file that is generated.
  9. Improved the grid on the TextOut component dialog.
  10. Aggregations (max, min, countof) now also work with text fields in reports.
  11. Better copy and paste functionality for the Analysis Factor tree.
  12. The Output component was getting some fields of complex structures in certain configurations confused.
  13. Significant performance improvements during simulation run time.

Version 1.4.9, Feb 2014

  1. APSIM component init sections can now contain a [model] macro that replaces all the default parameters for the component.
  2. Charts can now display stacked bar chart series.
  3. Variable and constant definitions can be initialised with the results of an expression.
  4. The Manager tab now includes a button to directly open a text editor to view the log file.
  5. Whole factors can be removed at once in the Analysis tree.


  1. When a chart series in a report is an array each array item now has a unique colour.
  2. The import dialog for modifying paths now shows less paths and accepts more by default.
  3. The component sequencing dialog would sometimes display with no default sequence values. This occurred when the models.xml file had duplicated events.


Version 1.4.8, Oct 2013

  1. Now includes APSIM 7.5 components. Includes later fixes for the Sorghum component performance issue, and N uptake fixes for Plant.
  2. The Manager script editor now includes a popup code assistant that will display a pick list of component’s properties and subscribed events when typing.
  3. Hints on the model palette can have the path name to the model dll. Turn this on in the options dialog.
  4. More options in the options dialog.
  5. In the Manager script editor, the matching braces are highlighted as you type.
  6. Model palette names can now be changed from the popup menu option.
  7. The filter for the Output component variable selection tree now has a new option to only show the selected items.
  8. The Output component now has support for the sqlite database.
  9. The Output component can export a simulation or whole Analysis to a flat database table of SQLite, MS Access or HDF.
  10. When selecting models in the model tree or the Analysis tree, the expanded state of the treenodes in the initialisation tree is stored. This makes it much easier to navigate and compare initial values for models.
  11. The AusFarm settings for the model palette are moved from the Windows registry to an XML file for more flexibility.
  12. Manager scripts: Arrays can now be defined with a size value from a constant.
  13. Manager scripts: DayOfYear function added.
  14. The Translator component used as a proxy for a number of APSIM components now has an initialisation dialog for easier configuration.
  15. The Simulation Results dialog now has a Clear all selected variables option.


  1. The Stock component now feeds young stock correctly when they are fed in a feedlot situation with their mothers.
  2. Modifications to the Manager component: } and ; don’t cause problems in text strings. Opening and closing braces {} are checked to see that there are none missing. Arrays declared as const have their array members checked correctly.
  3. Selected variables in the charting dialog are reselected properly when reopening the dialog.
  4. Fixed the access violation when editing init values in the grid on the simulation window.
  5. When adding and removing models from the model palette, there were some unexpected mix ups in the ordering and access to the correct model.
  6. The Export simulation works correctly again.
  7. When opening and then saving a report template in an Analysis, the previously selected variables for the Output component do not get removed.
  8. Summary tables in reports now display correctly when used for a single simulation.
  9. The report footer now shows the correct month in the date.
  10. Fixed the Output component so it works again when using a Firebird server database.
  11. Naming of reports in an Analysis tree is improved. Reports now will have unique names.
  12. Comments containing multiple ! characters now display correctly.
  13. Bookmarks in Manager scripts now work correctly for each Manager component script in the simulation.
  14. Right click on TextOut component now only allows text file opening if the file exists.
  15. Imported GrassGro Farm Systems now set the start and end run times correctly and don’t crash.
  16. Maximum paddock area allowed by the Paddock dialog is now 1000000 ha.
  17. If a selected variable in a report was text with only spaces the simulation would stop with an error. Outputs are now checked that they are not empty text.
  18. When the Output component reporting interval was set to month or year the reporting system would fail. It now handles these reporting intervals correctly.
  19. The Stock component buy event now permits a broader range of valid weight and condition score values.
  20. Pasture component dialog layout has been revised for smaller screen dimensions and the nutrient values are loaded and saved correctly now.
  21. Components dropped into a simulation from the Repository now have their dll paths resolved correctly.


Version 1.4.7, Feb 2013

  1. Stock component Split event now allows tagging of the new animal group immediately.
  2. Pasture component dialog now shows when the parameters are overriden by a Windows registry setting.


  1. Cashbook component dialog grid now adds and deletes columns correctly.

Version 1.4.6, Nov 2012


  1. Now includes APSIM 7.4 components.
  2. From the preferences it is now possible to allow the time server component to be visible so that it can be used as a factor in an Analysis.
  3. Hint on the Analysis progress bar shows the current treatment that is be processed.


  1. Connection of driving variables among multiple paddocks has been refined to enable SurfaceOM to function as expected.
  2. Changes to Pasture component to ensure that SWIM3 works properly. Also modified to delegate litter dynamics to a surface residue model if it locates one (by identifying the “surfaceom_c” variable)
  3. Improved the importing dialog so that files can be found more easily and the suggested changes are reduced and improved.
  4. Improved the component description view for APSIM components so that the description text shows correctly.

Version 1.4.5, May 2012


  1. Printing is now available from the Manager script editor.
  2. The Standard Repository now includes the examples from the User Notes #2 document.


  1. The tutorial document has been revised and improved. The user notes documents for APSIM components and livestock management have been updated.
  2. Stock component description document improved.
  3. Stock component properties have better descriptions that show up in the Variables tab.
  4. The stock component will now complain when the ‘sex’ parameter to the buy function receives an invalid value.
  5. Better error messages when a published event connection fails. Errors trapped when a message is attempted to be sent are now handled better and the system terminates correctly.
  6. Manager documentation now includes on_event and subroutine useage details.
  7. Calculated expressions now work correctly in reports.
  8. Updated help file.


Version 1.4.4, Apr 2012

  1. Added find dialog to component info dialog so searching of component properties is much easier.
  2. Added an option in the Options dialog to set a custom text editor path.
  3. The configured text editor can be used to view the SDML of simulation and the trace log file.
  4. A Textout component now has a popup menu option of opening the output text file in the text editor.
  5. The Weather component now provides ‘co2_ppm’ and ‘co2_coeffs’ as writeable properties.
  6. N uptake logic revised to match the APSIM-Plant logic more precisely (maximal N uptake during early growth) in the APTRANS component.
  7. The Condor job is now created to use a native code auscmd unless there is a .net component in the simulation which causes the managed code auscmd to be used with the managed code engine.
  8. The File menu has the recently opened files list in a Reopen sub menu. The maximum number of files can be set on the Options dialog.


  1. Expand collapse option in model tree works better now.
  2. Better handling of error messages from APSIM components ensures that a Complete is returned when requested.
  3. When running more than 10 treatments in an Analysis the run gauge was not displaying. Also the reports had faulty start and end dates.
  4. The Stock component now owns it’s own random number generator so that other threads do not impact on random functions. This allows for repeatable results when required for a simulation when multiple threads are running.
  5. The Pasture component dialog now always shows and uses the fertility scalar value.
  6. Upgrading APSIM simulations now copies uptake_source init value when required.
  7. Fixed a bug in the Pasture component that was causing simulations to crash at the end when more than one Pasture component was in the same paddock.
  8. Cashbook component now operates properly in APSIM by not responding to incorrect report event.
  9. When creating a new simulation the Manager component is now sequenced correctly.
  10. Fixed major bug when running simulations concurrently that caused dates to become unstable in Time server, Textout, Manager, Cashbook and Stock.
  11. Weather component handles APSIM SILO files with longer lines properly. It also shows informativer error messages when dates in the file are inconsistent.
  12. Exporting OutputDB component results to HDF can now handle missing integer values.
  13. Fixed some bugs on the Stock component dialog.

Version 1.4.3, Nov 2011

  1. Integrated the APSIM 7.3 components.
  2. Added an option to upgrade a simulation using APSIM 7.2 component to use APSIM 7.3 components.
  3. When creating a Condor task that contains ASPIM component, the support dll’s are copied across also.
  4. Help file has more information regarding the generation of Condor jobs.
  5. AusFarm can now support the loading of .net compiled components. They can be installed in the palette and used in simulations. When opening a simulation with a .net component in it, AusFarm knows to use the .net CMP engine.
  6. When importing ASPIM .sim files, the paddock is replaced with an AusFarm paddock.
  7. The layout in the component information dialog has been improved and condensed.


  1. When running two Analyses that have identically named factors and factor values, the temporary file names no longer clash.
  2. The error log path set on the Logging tab remains stable now.
  3. Better handling of loading simulations that contain component initialisation sections that are older than the current component’s version.
  4. Fixed some issues that stopped the creation of Condor jobs.
  5. Using APSIM .xml context files fixed again.
  6. AusFarm was crashing seriously with no details shown when the simulation was started. This was due to stock parameter files missing.

Version 1.4.2, Jul 2011

  1. Manager scripts: Replaced the text operator with str. Defining text variables can be done using the keywords text or string.
  2. Manager script editor line numbers are shown to required number of digits correctly now.
  3. The model tree sub items can be expanded and collapsed using Ctrl+right/left.
  4. Manager script editor remembers it’s place in the code when you come back to it after selecting another component.
  5. APSIM components can now use their XML configuration files rather than relying on a .ctx context file.

Version 1.4.1, Jul 2010

  1. AusFarm can import GrassGro Farm Systems. This feature does not import all the management or livestock details yet.
  2. The weather component can now unarchive weather data as GrassGro does. Help file has also been enhanced.
  3. The Management script editor now has hotkeys for searching text. Ctrl+F and F3.
  4. The logging settings on the logging tab on the simulation window now belong to the simulation not globally to the application. This should aleviate some problems with clashes of files when running simulations concurrently.


  1. Pasture component has been modified to include kl and ll values table. Some of the data entry controls have been revised also.
  2. Weather component dialog improved and problems fixed.
  3. The selected variables grid on the simulation results dialog has been modifed so that the combo boxes for aggregation and colour are hidden properly when losing focus.
  4. The sequence dialog now correctly shows the check boxes.
  5. Access violation on sequence dialog fixed.
  6. Renaming a report in the Analysis tree works properly now and doesn’t stop the reshowing of a report.
  7. Dragging a record field into the Manager script from the variables tree now uses the correct field delimiter.
  8. The Error message is now correctly passed through a sub system to the simulation component.
  9. The Manager editor now shows correctly when clicking on a Manager factor value that is part of a system.
  10. Adding and removing components from the model palette while a simulation is open does not corrupt the icons in the model trees anymore.

Version 1.4.0, Apr 2010

  1. Components now include descriptions of properties and events and they are now shown in the AusFarm interface using tooltips or when you bring up the component description dialog.


  1. Tree of components always loads properly when clicking on the Events tab.
  2. HDF dll now loads properly.
  3. A few other minor bugs fixed.


Version 1.3.8, Mar 2010

  1. Includes latest 2009 revisions to the Common Modelling Protocol.
  2. Improved error messages shown after an error is generated.
  3. Improved the importing of 3rd party simulation files.
  4. Improved the drag and drop logic for dragging components and systems from the Repository to the model tree.
  5. APSIM components used as factors show their init sections properly.
  6. Various other user interface fixes.


  1. Added an option to the Output component popup menu in the model tree. It is now possible to convert the output to a HDF file format. For information about the HDF format see: The HDF Group website. To download a HDF Viewer goto this link.
  2. Modified the import/export simulation options on the File menu.
  3. It is now possible to load a pure SDML simulation into AusFarm even if the components are not installed in the palette.
  4. Added shortcut keys for adding factors.


Version 1.3.6, Apr 2009

  1. The Repository is now a docked window at the bottom of the main MDI window.
  2. The Repository is now divided into ‘standard’ and ‘custom’ sections.
  3. The support files for the command line program that runs under Condor are now automatically copied to the condor working directory.

Version 1.3.5, Mar 2009

  1. Improved handling of missing weather files in weather component.


  1. Errors shown on the error tab include any errors generated during early initialisation stages of the simulation.
  2. Output component can now connect to Firebird databases on remote servers.


Version 1.3.4, Oct 2008

  1. Many help file links from dialogs have been added or fixed.
  2. Weather component using SILO data now uses vapour pressure in the correct units.
  3. A number of bug fixes.


  1. Import option for opening a third party simulation that requires component paths to be modified.
  2. When adding a component to the palette, the destination tab can be chosen.
  3. Added ability to export Analysis into a Condor job.
  4. Changes to CO2 reponse submodel in pasture component.

Version 1.3.3, May 2008

  1. Batch processing works properly with simulation files that are Analyses.
  2. Some bugs with DDML types and connections fixed.
  3. Repository now stores APSIM component context information.
  4. A number of other general fixes.


  1. Reports now support Summary tables and calculated expression columns.

Version 1.3.2, Nov 2007

  1. Fixes for the simulation Analysis processing when a factor is a system component.
  2. A number of component updates.
  3. Tested with more APSRU components,
  4. Can write event handlers in the Manager script (not in help file yet).
  5. Pasture: “fertility”, “seeds” and “green_bd” properties now writeable
  6. Stock: “add_animals” event added to the component, added initialization variable “rand_seed”, which can be used to initialize the random number generator.
  7. Improved performance of the Output and Textout component.
  8. A number of other general fixes.


  1. Reports can now be stored in the repository.
  2. Can filter the list of output vars in the list of outputs for the Output component.
  3. Help file updated. Added sections in the help file for Analysis and batch processing.

Version 1.3, Aug 2007

  1. Can now process simulation Analyses.
  2. Added ability to use Reports.

Version 1.2.1 July 2007

  1. Added feature for processing an Analysis where components may have multiple values. The output reports support comparison of treatments.